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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Luckygames?
Luckygames is the best multi-coin dice gambling site. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features. You can play using 103 cryptocurrencies and, if you want, exchange them in a few clicks. The Provably Fair system makes your game 100% manipulation free. Low House Edge (1%) provides a reasonable opportunity to make money. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and our favourite website. Luckygames will make you feel lucky for real.
What is the House Edge?
House Edge is a mathematical advantage in games, usually given as a percentage that represents the average amount of profit the machine would expect to make in a long term. How it works? For example you make a bet at 50% win chance, you would expect to make x2 profit, but the machine will give you x2 minus House Edge Percentage. Luckygames House Edge is only 1% (RTP 99%).
What is the Provably Fair system?
Provably Fair system adds to the transparency of our games by verifying in a real time that each bet is mathematically fair and manipulation free. The system is based on cryptographic algorithm with hash functions, which are very difficult to decode or break. If the machine tries to manipulate the bet in any way the hash function would be changed and the bet would not be verified. More information can be found here.
Can I get paid to promote Luckygames?
We have Affiliate Program, which offers you a great opportunity to make extra money. You will forever receive commision from every player you refer. We give the percent of our House Edge away on every wagered amount of your referer, regardless of whether the bet is win or loss.
I have found a bug, can I get paid?
Sure! We have already paid out more than 5 BTC for honest disclosures. Contact us immediately and you will get your reward depends on the risk level of your bug. Please note that HTML bugs and errors in localization do not qualify for a bounty.
Do you have a mobile version?
Yes, Luckygames can be used on mobile phones.
Do you have a Faucet?
Yes, we have the Faucet. It is available for VIP users and Moderators only. Read how to become VIP at the "Chat Questions" section.
What is Faucet farming?
It's when you send your bitcoins to another player in order to avoid the message of zero-balance and claim the faucet again.
Do you allow Faucet farming?
No, Faucet farming is not allowed here.

Account Questions

How can I secure my account?
Weak password can compromise your account security. Set a strong password using a variety of numerical, uppercase, lowercase and special characters to have greater protection. To make your account even more secure, we recommend enabling 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).
Can I have more than one account?
Yes, it is allowed to have multiple accounts, if they are not self-referred, you are not planning on faucet farming, rains farming, LUCKY-tokens farming or doing any type of abuse. Once you break one of the rules, all your accounts will be banned.
What is a self-referred account?
Account, which was signed under your affiliate link by yourself in order to receive the referral earnings from betting.
I have lost the access to my account, what can I do?
If you have set an email address, you can recover the access using this recovery form, otherwise you should send a message to our support containing your IP address and last transactions in order to recover the access.
What are the benefits of levels?
Players with higher level receive more coins from the Rain bot, Dice Chat game, Bitcoin Faucet, LUCKY-Tokens Faucet and have a discount (up to 50%) in our Store.

Deposits & Withdrawals Questions

How much time needed a deposit to be credited?
It depends on cryptocurrency, a fee you set while submitting a transaction, a blockchain workload and a number of confirmations of the transaction. The higher fee you set, the faster it will be credited here. For some cryptocurrencies, we require higher confirmations count of the transaction (you can see the confirmations count for each cryptocurrency by clicking on DEPOSIT button).
How much time needed a withdrawal to be processed?
The withdrawals are instant. But in some cases the withdrawal may be waiting for a manual aprovement, which may take up to 24 hours:
- For security purposes
- We need to replenish the balance on our hot wallet
- Wallet is not working properly and we need to fix it

LUCKY-Token Questions

What is LUCKY-token?
LUCKY-token is a build-in free coin, which can be used to play games and buy awesome items at the Store.
How can I get LUCKY-tokens?
Currently, you can claim LUCKY-tokens using the faucet (left sidebar). Notice, your LUCKY balance must be zero in order to claim it.
Can I withdraw LUCKY-tokens?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw LUCKY-tokens at the moment, but we are working on it.
Can I exchange LUCKY-tokens to another cryptocurrency?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange LUCKY-tokens to another cryptocurrency at the moment, but we are working on it.
Is it allowed to play LUCKY-tokens with multiple accounts?
Yes, it's allowed, until you make a purchase in our Store. Once we find that you used multiple accounts to play LUCKY-tokens in order to make purchases in the Store, all accounts will be suspended.

Gambling Questions

What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts?
The minimum bet amount for each cryptocurrency is only 1 Satoshi (0.00000001).
The maximum bet amounts for each cryptocurrency:
0x Protocol - 10000* ZRX
aelf - 100000* ELF
Aeternity - 100000* AE
Ardor - 100000* ARDR
Ark - 10000* ARK
Augur - 1000* REP
Bancor - 5000* BNT
Basic Attention - 50000* BAT
Bean Cash - 10000000* BITB
Binance Coin - 50* BNB
Bitcoin - 0.5 BTC
Bitcoin Cash - 50* BCH
Bitcoin Diamond - 10000* BCD
Bitcoin Gold - 500* BTG
Bitcoin SV - 100* BSV
Bitcore - 50000* BTX
BitShares - 500000* BTS
BitTorrent - 10000000* BTT
Blackcoin - 500000* BLK
BURST - 1000000* BURST
Bytecoin - 50000000* BCN
Cardano - 10000* ADA
Chainlink - 1000* LINK
Civic - 100000* CVC
CLAMs - 10000* CLAM
CloakCoin - 10000* CLOAK
Crown - 100000* CRW
Crypto.com - 1000* MCO
Crypto.com Chain - 100000* CRO
DASH - 100* DASH
Decentraland - 10000* MANA
Decred - 100* DCR
DigiByte - 500000* DGB
Dogecoin - 100000* DOGE
Einsteinium - 500000* EMC2
Electroneum - 1000000* ETN
Emercoin - 500000* EMC
EOS - 5000* EOS
Ethereum - 10* ETH
Ethereum Classic - 500* ETC
Feathercoin - 1000000* FTC
FunFair - 1000000* FUN
Gamecredits - 100000* GAME
GAS - 1000* GAS
Gifto - 500000* GTO
Golem - 50000* GLM
Groestlcoin - 10000* GRS
Gulden - 1000000* NLG
Holo - 5000000* HOT
Horizen - 500* ZEN
HyperCash - 10000* HC
ICON - 10000* ICX
Ignis - 1000000* IGNIS
ION - 1000000* ION
Komodo - 10000* KMD
Lisk - 10000* LSK
Litecoin - 100* LTC
Loopring - 100000* LRC
LUCKY - 1000000 LUCKY
MonaCoin - 10000* MONA
Monero - 100* XMR
Namecoin - 10000* NMC
Nano - 5000* NANO
NAVcoin - 50000* NAV
Neblio - 10000* NEBL
NEM - 100000* XEM
NEO - 500* NEO
Nexus - 50000* NXS
Novacoin - 10000* NVC
NXT - 1000000* NXT
OmiseGO - 5000* OMG
Ontology - 10000* ONT
Particl - 10000* PART
Peercoin - 10000* PPC
PIVX - 50000* PIVX
Populous - 10000* PPT
Potcoin - 1000000* POT
Pundi X - 10000000* NPXS
Qtum - 1000* QTUM
Ravencoin - 500000* RVN
Reddcoin - 10000000* RDD
Ripple - 10000* XRP
SALT - 100000* SALT
Siacoin - 1000000* SC
Status - 100000* SNT
STEEM - 50000* STEEM
Steem Dollars - 10000* SBD
Stellar Lumens - 100000* XLM
SysCoin - 100000* SYS
Tether - 10000* USDT
Tron - 500000* TRX
TrueUSD - 10000* TUSD
Ubiq - 100000* UBQ
VeChain - 100000* VET
Verge - 1000000* XVG
Vericoin - 500000* VRC
Vertcoin - 50000* VTC
Viacoin - 50000* VIA
WhiteCoin - 10000* XWC
Zcash - 100* ZEC
Zcoin - 5000* XZC
Zilliqa - 100000* ZIL

(*) The limit may be changed according to the current exchange rate

Chat Questions

What are the chat rules?
1. Do not spam, flood, swear, insult or be offensive to other players.
2. Do not spam using empty emoticons.
3. Do not beg or ask for loans, rains or tips.
4. Do not post referral, advertising, pornography links etc.
5. Use the designated language channels accordingly.
6. Do not jump around the rooms with the aim of catching rains.
7. Do not comment or speak to the Rain / Game / VIP bot.
I've just registered, can I chat?
Your account must be level 1 and 1 day old at least to send messages in chat and private messages.
How to become VIP?
There are 3 ways to become VIP. You can buy it in our Store. There is a VIP Bot in the chat, which gives VIP status to active users randomly every 2 hours. If you don't want to chat, you have a chance to win the daily/weekly contests.
What are the benefits of VIP?
VIP users are able to claim the Faucet. They receive more coins from the Rain bot, Dice Chat game and can see the profit of any player.

Exchange Questions

What is cryptocurrency arbitrage?
Cryptocurrency arbitrage means buying a cryptocurrency in one market and simultaneously selling it in another market at a higher price, profiting from the temporary difference in prices.
Is cryptocurrency arbitrage allowed here?
No, it is not allowed. Once we find that you are doing cryptocurrency arbitrage here, your account will be suspended and the funds will be held to cover our losses.